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There are so many important moments and events in a person's life that are to be cherished and remembered forever. Life often gets busy and we forget to stop and realize all the good things we have going for us. Work, family, love and overall success, these are the components to a great life. Hiring a professional photographer to catch a glimpse of each of these special moments is key.Kate Lewis Photography is a premier photographer servicing the DC Area. We are proud to offer our clients with the unique photography services that showcase all the great things to make up what we call "life." We put the smiles on your face and capture all the happiness and success you experience behind the lens. Our client's needs are our top priority and we work to the best of our ability to make sure the client is satisfied. The DC Area is a beautiful location and backdrop for a successful photography session. We cover wedding, event, portrait and corporate photography. Due to our wide variety of photography services, we can handle all kinds of situations. We have many years of experience as DC Area photographers and we provide the highest quality of photography services.Thank you for visiting the website of Kate Lewis Photography. We hope that you find our services match your needs. We are located near the DC Area and we provide wedding, event, portrait and corporate photography. Our prices are competitive, but our services can't be beat. Please feel free to browse through our galleries and contact us to learn more about our photography services. We are pleased to be a part of your special day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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